Junior Zagato Color Chart

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato & Montreal Color Chart.

Both the 1300 & 1600 Junior Zagato were available in a wide range of exterior colors.

Christian Koopmann kindly provided scans of the ultra rare color chart that he possesses (envy, envy, envy!).

Please note that I have removed the color samples for the Montreal, this in order to avoid confusion.

Apparently, a difference between the 1300 & 1600 is that the 1300 has been available in black and the 1600 not.

However, this is not shown in the color chart at all.


http://www.zagato-cars.com/images/colofrnt.jpg (26367 bytes)
http://www.zagato-cars.com/images/colocard.jpg (24199 bytes)
http://www.zagato-cars.com/images/coloback.jpg (27323 bytes)