Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 1801061

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 1801061
Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 1801061
Type: Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300
Serial Number: 1801061
Year of construction:  1972
Date Owner Location Remarks
August 14, 1972

Maggie McNeal
(Sjoukje van 't Spijker)

The Netherlands First owner.
Dutch singer, former part of "Mouth & McNeal"
Her website says (translated & slightly edited):
"It was August 1972 when Sjoukje bought an Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato.
These were the days of Mouth & McNeal and because these were busy days, Sjoukje couldn't pick-up her car at the dealership right away.
When returning to their home in the Amsterdam Jordan quarter from a performance late at night with husband Frans, they would often drive by the dealership to take a peek at her new car through the showroom windows.
Once Sjoukje took delivery of the car, it quickly raked up the miles as after a mere 8 days, the odometer showed 866 KM and after two months it had already clocked 6.769 KM.
Frans & Sjoukje didn't have much fun with the Alfa as, in February 1973, at the end of the Swedish Mouth & McNeal Tour, the car ended up in a ravine... Sjoukje overtook a truck which swerved to the left, leaving Sjoukje no choice but to do the same with all consequences...
The Alfa was badly damaged but Frans & Sjoukje escaped unharmed.
Despite of the Alfa being a rare car of which only some 1117 were made and of which only 9 were in The Netherlands, Sjoukje decided to trade the car in on a Jaguar shortly after the accident."

Please note on the picture below that in 1972 / 1973, the JZ wore license plate 94-08-UR and that it now wears 94-80-UR. The reason for this is unknown but I expect an error on the original license plate which was later corrected as 94-08 renders no results and 94-80 shows a JZ which was first registered on August 14, 1972.

(March ?) 1973

Maggie McNeal
(Sjoukje van 't Spijker)

The Netherlands Part-exchanged the car on a Jaguar.
1973 - 1989


The Netherlands This part of the history is unknown.
1989 - ?

(Alfa Romeo Dealer)

Zwolle, The Netherlands Had the car for sale for several years until the business went broke.
The car was already equipped with a 2.0 Liter engine at that time.
? - 1994

(Car Dealer)

Lemelerveld, The Netherlands Bought the car from Blijlevens and offered it for sale.

R. Geerts

The Netherlands Bought the car from Flik.
ca. 1997

R. Geerts

The Netherlands The engine was tuned by Edwin Lammerink in Enter.
February 2007

Arnoud Geerts
(Son of R. Geerts)

The Netherlands Took the car over from his father.
The car is now in very good condition.

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 1801061
Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 1801061
Ca. 1972 with its then-owner, Maggie McNeal

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 1801061
Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 1801061
Ca. 2008 with its current owner, Arnoud Geerts

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Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 1801061

1969 Alfa Romeo Junior Z 1300 Zagato Technical Data Manual

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Zagato by Gianfranco Fagiuoli and Guido Gerosa 1969

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Zagato by Michele Marchiano Automobilia 1984

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