Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112

Type:Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600
Serial Number:3060112
Year of construction: 1973
Comments:Excellently restored


Parma, Italy

First registered PR221821

1984 - 1999

Bill Daemke


Exported to USA

1999 -

Bruce Fogerty


Bruce Fogerty


Offered for sale on Ebay.
Up for sale is my lovingly cared for 1973 Jr. Z. 58,690 verified original miles, only 2 owners in the states since importation in 1984. Fully and comprehensively restored by a true nut job (me!) with a penchant  for doing things correctly or not at all. Full top drawer paint job in 1986, stored inside garages since, still in beautiful shape. I restored all mechanicals from 1999 - 2004, finished with 50,570 miles, only 8,120 since then. Completely, totally, rust free, and I've been over every millimeter of this car inside & out.
*I rebuilt the engine with all new parts, forged Venolia high compression pistons, Euro #105480 factory 2 liter cams, and ported & polished head. All rotating parts lightened, and balanced to race tolerances. Of course the twin 40 DCOEs are stock, Centerline header. Very quick, fast enough to keep up with all but the very fastest & hot rodded 2 liter cars on our Alfa club fast tours. Transmission fully rebuilt with all new synchros and bearings by Dan Sommers of Veloce Motors. Rebuilt & balanced driveshaft. Rear end rebuilt by Ereminas with a 2 liter limited slip, extra clutch friction plates, powder coated axle tubes. All new or rebuilt brakes with new master, stainless caliper pistons, Centerline carbon pads & their drilled & slotted rotors. I rebuilt and rebushed all the suspension arms, powder coated or painted everything, new adjustable top front arms, Koni shocks, AR Ricambi sway bars front and rear, Dave Rugh lowering springs. Italian selling dealer installed, professionally refinished, 1973 date coded Campagnolo aluminum/magnesium 11 lb. 6 X 14 wheels with 195/60 X 14 Falken Azenis RT-615 tires. Tires new in March 2009. Interior redone with new vinyl and carpeting by Guy's Interiors, one of the best interior people in the Pacific Northwest. I kept the original carpeting with it's unique Zagato heel pads on the carpet.
*Rides very comfortably & handles like the proverbial slot car. Zagato built the Jr. Zs on Euro Spider Jr. floorpan pressings with coupe bodies welded on, so you can imagine how solid & stiff the complete packages are. Jr. Zs are light as well, this car I've weighed right at 2,210 lbs. with tools and a full 14 gallons of fuel.
*Condition: If a Pebble Beach winning car is a 10, then I would give the body on this car a 9, paint an 8, interior a 9, engine & under body a 9. You'll do well in local concours, I took third in class in the 2009 AROC convention against some very tough competion. Body has 2 small holes visible in the photo from the RF 3/4 view, just behind the end of the bumper. The fender inner liner had a foam rubber gasket that held moisture in this area, I removed it & ground away this are & it left 2 small holes. The larger hole is 4.5 mm, 3/16", the smaller is 2 mm, 3/32". There is NO rust left in this area, I ground it fully & completely off, inside & out, & repainted. I was going to have the area spot repaired, but this area is not visible unless you bend low over the area and know where to look The paint has some light surface swirl/scratch marks visible up close, a good color sanding and buffing might help with this. I'm very, very particular, most people that see the car think the paint is perfect. The rear "Alfa Romeo" script that is placed at an angle on the left rear area of the flat rear panel is not correct, I have the correct larger script that goes across the middle of the panel, this is very expensive & was not available in 1986 when the car was painted. There a couple of small dents in the header from hitting rocks in the road. Headliner fabric is delaminating in a couple of spots & sagging, the headliner itself is fully secured, but the multilayer fabric Zagato used for the headliner is known for this problem. Not very visible, I tried to photo, couldn't get an image to come out that shows this. Jr. Zs all have seatback adjusters that go out, this a known problem. I have the driver's side bolted in on place. I have 2 spare seatback adjusters for repair if you can find someone to fix this problem area. The 2 front plexiglas covers are in good shape, but the left side has a 1.5" crack in it, it's not very visible, so I didn't change it out. I have 2 brand new spares that go with the car so you can replace if you want.
*History: Bill Daemke, AROC west tech adviser, bought in 1984, owned until I bought it in 1999. First sold in Parma, Italy in 1973.
*References: Bill Daemke, (obviously) he just saw the car again at the Allure of the Automobile show I was invited to last Saturday. Bill Gillham, noted Alfa restorer and past AROC president, is familiar with the car, has owned a Jr. Z, and has made a few bits for the car. Gordy Hyde, past Northwest Alfa president, has seen the car often & has a Jr. Z himself. Email me for more.
*Payment & Shipping: $1,000.00 non refundable deposit due within 48 hrs of auction ending via wire transfer or Paypal. Email if you want to make an offer & end the auction early. Car is for sale locally & I reserve the right to end the auction early. Feel free to come by & see & drive in person. Take of shipping yourself, or better, fly out & drive home! You could drive this from Portland, OR to New York with no worries.

July 2011

Apparently sold ourside of Ebay.

August 2013

Offered on the website of Fantasy Junction with "sale pending".

1973 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Jr. Zagato
Superbly-Restored Junior Zagato 1600, Wonderful Attention to Detail, Drives Great
Inquire about this car

sale pending

Price $65,000
VIN AR*3060112*
Exterior Color Zagato Blue
Interior Color Cinghiale
Mileage 96800 Kms
Engine 1600 c.c. 4-Cylinder
Transmission 5-Speed
Stock FJ1432

1973 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior Zagato 1600
s/n AR3060112
Zagato Blue with Cinghiale Interior

Following the tradition established by previous Alfa Romeo-Zagato collaborations, the Junior Zagato featured unique coachwork on the high performance variant mechanical components from standard production cars. Featuring a dual Weber version of the 1600 powerplant and weighing in at just 2100 pounds despite using aluminum only for the engine lid and doors, the car performed well. Its low center of gravity and rakish lines made the car handle and look much more sporting than the rather square-rigged car on which it was based, and with only 402 1600cc examples built, they are quite rare as well.

Alfa Romeo was not known for its quality control at the period, and consequently, many Junior Zagatos have not survived well. This car, however, is a wonderful exception to that reality, and is surely among the nicest examples extant. Completed on the 29th of March, 1973 in the color combination it still wears, this example was sold new to its first owner in Parma, Italy. It was imported to the United States in 1984 and remained with the same owner (who was the Alfa Romeo Owners Club West technical advisor) until 1999, and then passed on to another owner who kept the car until 2011. It has been with the current owner, a collector with a high caliber collection of Ferraris and other blue chip cars, since then.

From 1999 to 2004, the car received an extremely thorough and fastidious restoration. The owner spent a great deal to time sourcing rare and unique parts, with tremendous attention to detail to even getting the vintage Blaupunkt radio functioning correctly, and correctly calibrating the speedometer. There is a thick file of records showing the amount of effort that went into tracking down rare parts for the car. The car was subtly upgraded as well during the restoration, with the fitment of magnesium Campagnolo wheels, Shankle suspension with Koni shocks. The transmission was rebuilt and the engine and Webers were completely rebuilt. A lightened flywheel was installed and the differential was rebuilt with a limited slip. The brakes were completely rebuilt, and all suspension was rebuilt and rebushed. Uprated sway bars were also fitted. High compression Venolia pistons were fitted, along with European 2 liter camshafts, and all rotating parts were lightened and balanced. The cylinder head and headers were carefully polished and matched to one another. This work was completed 9000 miles ago and the car has seen regular maintenance since, including fluid changes, new tires, new motor mounts, and various other minor work to keep the car in top condition.

Cosmetically, the car is extremely nice. The car was repainted in the late 1980s and carefully stored indoors since and still shows very well. The paintwork was done to very good standards and remains excellent, with a few light scratches, one star in the hood from when it was closed on a tool of some kind. There are two very small holes in the right front fender, which are 4.5mm and 2mm. The corrosion that was previously there was ground away and painted so the metal is protected and free of rust, and the spots are only visible if bending over. The wheels, trim, badges, side mirror, and lights are excellent. Plexiglas headlamp covers are very good other than a crack in one of them, although a set of new ones is included with the car. The rubber is generally excellent, save for the corner pieces around the rear windscreen, which are showing some age.

The interior is extremely nice as well. The seat and door panel upholstery was beautifully redone and shows like new. The carpets were also replaced and the original Zagato carpets are also included with the car. The headliner is excellent as is the dashboard. The instruments, swiches and controls are excellent. The wood steering wheel is also excellent. The car is fitted with a period Blaupunkt radio. The spacious luggage compartment was retrimmed during the restoration and is excellent as well.

The engine compartment is in beautiful condition, being extremely clean, well-detailed, and correct in appearance. The engine compartment is essentially show-ready and indeed, its previous owner showed the car and placed third. All mechanical systems appear cosmetically as well as functionally restored, down to the smallest items such as the covers of electrical relays. The headers are impressively purposeful and the car retains its factory airbox.

The car runs and drives absolutely superbly. The engine is well-tuned, powerful, and responsive. It revs easily and immediately and feels very eager. The transmission is excellent, and the driveline is reassuringly solid in a way that is not always the case in Alfa Romeos. The brakes are effective and the chassis composed and well-controlled, encouraging the driver to use the car enthusiastically. Overall, the car is tremendous fun and feels as good as, if not better than new.

The car comes with an extensive spares package of NOS and good original parts, from consumable mechanical items to exterior trim, lights, antenna components, ventilation components, weatherstripping, filters, interior trim, a spare steel wheel, a set of four like new Carello headlamps with trim rings, and many other items.

This is a truly exceptional opportunity to acquire what must be among the finest Junior Zagatos in the world. Finished in its lovely original color combination and lovingly restored with subtle improvements and upgrades, this car is an absolute joy to behold and drive. With minimal work, the car could be a competitive show car, although it’s such an enjoyable car to drive that it might be difficult to stop driving it long enough to show. It is extremely complete with extensive spares, magazines, literature, and a thick file of service records.

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112 as offered on Ebay in July 2011
Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112 as offered on Ebay in July 2011

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112 as offered on Ebay in July 2011
Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112 as offered on Ebay in July 2011

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112 as offered on Ebay in July 2011
Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600 3060112 as offered on Ebay in July 2011

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Zagato by Gianfranco Fagiuoli and Guido Gerosa 1969

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Zagato by Michele Marchiano Automobilia 1984

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