Alfa Romeo TZ 750070

Alfa Romeo TZ 750070
Type: Alfa Romeo TZ
Serial Number: AR10511 750070
Year of construction:  September 3, 1964
Date Owner Location Remarks

September 3, 1964



Production Date

September 14, 1964

Ira Russell Anderson

San Francisco, CA, USA

First owner


Eugene Smith

Fremont, CA, USA

Narcotics officer from the City of Fremont, California.

Was replacing his other now-wrecked Auto Delta TZ-1 that he had crashed at Candlestick Park raceway a year earlier. (?)

Smith campaigned the TZ, with Alfa factory support, in SCCA C production for the 1965 season.
He won at Stockton, Cotati Raceway (another northern California airfield course) and finally at Laguna Seca to capture the C Production Pacific Coast SCCA regional championship in 1965.
During this final race at Laguna he tangled with two Corvettes eventually being declared the winner after the race was red flagged.
He subsequently retired from racing and used the TZ sparingly as a street car.


Bruce Vanyo


"many years"


Robert Rubin


Kept the car until he moved overseas


John Murphy


Sold by his estate




Used the car for vintage racing.

Offers the car for sale through Morris & Welford in November 2014




Marcello Minerbi in his book:
History & present whereabouts unknown.

November 2014



Offered for sale by Morris & Welford with the above history (marked in blue) but unfortunately presented without any proof (which doesn't mean it isn't true!).

M&W list the car as follows:

This TZ is certainly unusual for all the right reasons since it still retains 95% of its original alloy bodywork, original interior pieces and its original Zagato seats. The engine that comes in the car is # *00055* which is a correct and numbered TZ unit fitted with an original TZ head and correct Weber 45mm carburetors, cold air box, magnesium oil pan and magnesium bell housing and all as fitted when purchased from the Murphy Estate. The gearbox is a correct close-ratio 5-speed GTA and it has a 5.12 rear end, also as when purchased from the Estate.
This is, in our professional opinion, one of the few TZ’s with a known traceable ownership history and one that has never been out of the USA since new, and is in remarkably sound and original condition.

Alfa Romeo TZ 750070
Alfa Romeo TZ 750070
Alfa Romeo TZ 750070 as presented by Morrris & Welford in November 2014
Alfa Romeo TZ 750070
Alfa Romeo TZ 750070 as presented by Morrris & Welford in November 2014

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