Alfa Romeo TZ 750016

Alfa Romeo TZ 750016
Type: Alfa Romeo TZ
Serial Number: AR10511 750016
Year of construction:  April 29, 1964

Originally Blue / Nero, now red / black
Zagato body number 621
Non original engine AR00536 16190

Date Owner Location Remarks

April 29, 1964



Official production date


Lou Mellon




Phyllis Gaylard






Round rear wheelarches.
Appears to have an extended tail section with more pronounced "lip" than usual.
The result of body damage?



USA Nadeene Brengle, ARRC, Riverside.
Her son David tells:
Nadeene almost made history that day.
She qualified on the pole with a new track record in Cp. Dick Smith in a Porsche 356 got a great jump at the start and took the lead with Nadeene in pursuit.
Going into turn 5, Dick tapped his brakes and Nadeene had to take evasive action, spinning off and scraping the outside wall.
She came back on the track in last place.
Over the next 16 laps she put on a masterful display, picking off cars one-by-one.
The checkered fell with Nadeene right on Smith's tail.
In the race she lowered the lap record again by a full second.
I was 7 at the time.
My grandmother, brothers and I watched the race from the outside of turn 2.
I didn't really understand why everyone was making such a big deal about my mom passing all these other people.
Didn't everyone have a mom who could drive the wheels off of a race car?

January 1972

Phyllis Gaylard

USA Offered for sale in the AROC magazine Volume 15, Nr. 1, January 1972 @ US$ 3.750.
Described as follows:
Giulia TZ, late '63. Currently in racing condition but can be converted to street use. Registered in California. Fresh 1600 Veloce engine, transmission, and clutch will be provided. Comes with 7 Campagnolo mag wheels, Goodyear racing tires, and many special spare parts, including oil pan, intake manifold, motor mounts, brake pads and seals, U-joints, etc. Priced to sell at $3750.





John Rosenstock

Hollywood, CA, USA  


Jerry Rosenstock

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Squarish rear wheel arches.

May 2014

Jerry Rosenstock

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Offered for sale through Fantasy Junction

"Price $1,375,000

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ-1
s/n AR750016, engine no. AR 00536 16190
Red with Black Interior

The TZ1 is a very special competition car built in extremely limited numbers. Introduced at the Turin Auto Salon in 1962, it is built on a sophisticated tubular chassis. The chassis is a dedicated tubular unit that weighs just 125 pounds, and as a result, ensuring that the TZ1 is a Giulia only in the loosest sense of the term. The specification is impressive, with independent suspension and disc brakes all around (inboard at the rear), aerodynamic Zagato Kamm tail bodywork, and Alfa Romeo’s venerable twin cam engine. With a weight of just 1459 pounds, the car was capable of 140mph. In the hands of privateers, the cars were incredibly successful, sweeping their class at Le Mans, Sebring, the Nurburgring, the Targa Florio, and the Coupe des Alpes. Just 120 examples were built making them tremendously rare and highly collectible.

This particular car has had the same owner since 1977 and has period race history in SCCA Club Racing, including a second in class finish at the ARRC (American Road Race of Champions) National Runoffs at Riverside, driven by Nadine Brengle. She lived in San Diego at the time, and the car was subsequently raced by Phyllis Gaylord, also in SCCA events from her base in Southern California. The car’s current owner is also from Southern California and he has used the car in many events, including some on the east coast such as Watkins Glenn, Lime Rock, and the Mount Equinox Hillclimb. The car was also displayed on the lawn at Pebble Beach in 1996 after racing in the Historics on Saturday. The engine is a 1600cc unit of the correct type, although it a replacement fitted relatively early in the car’s history as a competition car. The car has a host of desirable equipment including twin plug head, magnesium oil sump, magnesium bell housing (not currently fitted) to the car but included, original airbox, original 5.12 limited slip differential, and close ratio gearbox.

The motor has approximately five hours on it since a complete rebuild, which included new Carillo rods, Ross pistons, new bearings, and much other work. The cylinder head was rebuilt and ported by West Coast Cylinder Heads in Reseda, California. The car has a custom aluminum flywheel and a Porsche 911 clutch. The engine was built by the owner’s mechanic, who has built many race motors for the car’s owner. He was a SCCA mechanic and driver for many years with Formula V, Formula Atlantic, and also raced an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.

The car was inspected by Marnix Dillenius, a well-regarded TZ owner and historian, who found the car to be an authentic example with competition preparation done in period for racing in the 1960s and into the early 1970s.

His additional observations included the following:
The body has correct contours and is generally complete, with headlight trim rings (often missing), correct fuel filler, good front clamshell, both inside and out. The front windscreen surround trim is missing. The rear window is fixed, unlike some cars that have been converted to removable rear window. The rear fenders have flared lips. The wheels are correct and valuable Campagnolo items.

The interior has correct TZ seats, although the driver’s seat is fixed and the sliders have been switched to the passenger’s seat. This lowers the driver’s seat and raises the passenger’s seat. The seat frames are original and in good shape. The car has a roll cage. There is a crack in the dashboard by the speedometer, and the car has no headliner. Gauges appear to be original besides the tachometer, though the original Jaeger tachometer is included. The car is fitted with rare twin plug head and has correct aluminum airbox. There is no heater. The radiator is thicker than original to provide higher capacity. The steering box appears normal and the car has a remote oil filter.
The frame and chassis are generally correct, with several modifications to provide adjustability to the suspension geometry as required for competition. The rear subframe has no alterations aside from the modification of the rear swaybar mount and elimination of the rear sway bar. The half shafts have been shortened and the longitudinal radius arms modified in the style of the factory competition cars to allow the fitment of larger rear tires. The car is fitted with adjustable shock absorbers as well as a more modern fuel pump. The floor of the car has been reskinned and the exhaust system is a non-original Autodelta system with side exit. The car has a magnesium tail housing on the gearbox and the cross tube under the gearbox has been removed to allow the removal of the engine and transmission from underneath the car. The oil pan is in very good shape and the car has a large capacity oil system thanks to the fitment of the large size shim. The battery mount has been modified and the battery relocated slightly aft of the original location. The front lower control arms have been lightened with holes, in the style of the Autodelta ones. Front shock mounts are unmodified and the front inner fender liners are present. Camber arms have a provision for adjustability and the front jack points have unusually good integrity.

The car displays vintage racer cosmetics with strong fundamentals but plenty of evidence of use. The paintwork has chips and surface cracks, the wheels are functional rather than pristine, and the limited brightwork could be straighter. However, the car has tremendous presence and is authentic and honest in appearance, leaving no doubt that it has been used as it was intended with regularity. The body is intact and is in keeping with how these cars were delivered, which is to say, not perfect. While many restored cars have been reconstructed to much higher standards than when the cars were new, this car retains an authentic presentation, as confirmed by the Zagato body number, 621, is stamped several places on the car’s body. The badges are present and in good shape. The right headlamp cover has a crack and some scratches, and the windscreen in good condition. The Plexiglas side windows have some clouding. The Carello headlamps are in good shape as are the remaining lights.

The business-oriented aesthetic of the car continues inside. There is no carpeting and very little upholstery to speak of. The upholstery on flying buttress seats in good shape. The tubular framing of the chassis is very much in evidence and shows plenty of wear to the paint, although the structure itself is sound. The dashboard is purposeful, painted flat black, with a full complement of instruments, mostly Jaeger although the car is currently running a period Jones tachometer, which the green Alfa TZ book indicates was a factory option. The original Jaeger tachometer is also included with the car.

The engine compartment shows obvious evidence of much recent work, including beautifully polished valve cover and air intake plenum. The remainder of the engine compartment is in good clean serviceable condition, appropriate for a properly maintained race car, including the fitment of Aeroquip fittings and stainless lines for the oil cooler, fuel supply, and brake hydraulics. The carburetors are of the correct type for the car. The twin plug cylinder head is an impressive sight and is an extremely rare item, even among the rarefied TZs.

The car comes with a variety of spare parts including the magnesium bell housing, magnesium oil pan spacer, original wood-rimmed steering wheel, original tachometer, running lights, tail light lenses, water pump, and spare wheel with tire.

Eligible for nearly every prestigious event around the globe for cars of this era—from the Monterey Historics to the Tour Auto to the Le Mans Classic—this Alfa Romeo TZ will be both a welcome entrant and a joy to drive for its next owner. This car is exceptionally honest, coming from the same long term owner of 35 years and basically the car’s entire life spent in Southern California. The car is unusually equipped with twin plug head and comes with a variety of interesting and rare TZ spares."

Alfa Romeo TZ 750016
Alfa Romeo TZ 750016
Alfa Romeo TZ 750016 Nadeene Brengle, ARRC Riverside 1967

Alfa Romeo TZ 750016
Alfa Romeo TZ 750016 Nadeene Brengle, ARRC Riverside 1967

Alfa Romeo TZ 750016
Alfa Romeo TZ 750016 as advertised by Phyllis Gaylard January 1972

Alfa Romeo TZ 750016
Alfa Romeo TZ 750016 while owned by John Rosenstock, March 1991

Alfa Romeo TZ 750016
Alfa Romeo TZ 750016 while owned by John Rosenstock, March 1991
Alfa Romeo TZ 750016 as offered for sale by Fantasy Junction, May 2014
Alfa Romeo TZ 750016 as offered for sale by Fantasy Junction, May 2014

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