Up in flames !

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300
Under the header "Oldtimers up in flames", the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" published the article of which you find a scan below

The article tells about a fire in a couple of hangers at the Buyskade in the western part of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A total of 15 cars, amongst which a number of valuable classics were destroyed in the fire.

It is reputed that, amongst those 15 "victims" was also a 1300 Junior Zagato. A friend spoke to the owner of the cars who claimed that there was a JZ amongst them but, most probably, the papers of the car were destroyed in the fire too. Anyhow, the car was not registred in the On-Line Junior Zagato Register yet...

The owner has promised to try and see if he could still locate the papers if they are not destroyed in the fire and relay the chassis number. Since the roof of the hangars contained a reasonable amount of asbestos, the car wrecks were destroyed to avoid the danger of people getting contaminated with this deadly substance.

On the upper scan, I have enlarged the little picture which shows an Alfa Romeo 1900 Berlina and the wreck behind it should be the 1300 JZ.