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Another truly famous Italian make now belonging like Alfa Romeo to Fiat. Cooperation on a large basis between Lancia and Zagato started in the late '40s to early  '50s.

Have a look on some examples below:

Racing Flaminias (7759 bytes) Two Flaminia GTZ on the racetrack.
A Flaminia Super Sport 2.8 - 3C. Only 150 cars were built. Flaminia Super Sport (5308 bytes)
Flavia Sport (8407 bytes) A Flavia Sport out in the snow.

Designed in 1967 by Ercole Spada this car has many similar details with the Junior Zagato. Lancia decided not to start production.

Lancia Fulvia Sport

In terms of production figures the most successful car for Zagato, 6970 units were built.

Also designed by Ercole Spada this car and the 1300 Junior Z were built at the same time in Terrazzano di Rho

Fulvia Sport (8147 bytes)

Racing Fulvia Sport (8302 bytes) Fulvia Sport in full swing during 1972 Italian Mountain trophy race.
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