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Fiat 8V Zagato

Technical Data:

Engine: 8 cylinders in V, 1996cc, 105HP@5600 rpm,
Weight: 1091kg (ready to go),
Max.speed: 200 km/h

A total of only 30 Zagato bodied Fiat 8V were produced between 1952 and 1954.

Elio Zagato at the AVUS (6060 Bytes) Elio Zagato says about this beautiful and rare car:

"I sometimes ask myself if my racing career would have given me so much satisfaction without the Fiat Ottovu. Perhaps not. This car gave me everything. I've made no secret of the fact that of all our Zagatos, this one seemed the most beautiful."

"My opinion is undoubtedly influenced by the fact that I took part in the most exciting races driving this car. It never let me down and at the flag I always came in ahead of the others." Elio wins again! (12002 Bytes)
True beauty (6132 bytes) Truly a beautiful car, even nowadays.
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