Tracing the history

Tracing the history of your Alfa Romeo.

Trying to trace the history of your car is often half the fun of owning it according to some owners.
  - When was it built;
 - When, to whom and where was it sold first;
 - What was the original body and upholstery color

These are all questions that most of us would like to answer but this answer is often hard to find since most former owners are a "dead-end street" when it comes to trying to retrieve such information from them.

Luckily, we own cars made by a manufacturer that cares and who is willing to supply such information, provided it is available from the archives.
Over the years, the "Archivio" has been modernized significantly and in most cases they are able to provided vital information.

For many years it was run by Mrs. Elviera Ruocco who has recently retired and whom we would like to thank for the wealth of information she has provided over the years.

The Archivio will supply the above mentioned information at your request, again provided the information is available of course. All you need to do is to provide them with:

The model of your car
Approximate year of construction
The chassis or VIN number.
See the
"Identifying your JZ 1300" page for that.

Next you go to the website of the Archivio

You get this opening screen and select your language:

On the right, you see the field to register yourself:

You will then get a confirmation email from the Archivio.

Once registered, you can log into the site:

At the top of the screen (grey letters on white background), select "Contact us":

Open the drop-box and select the SECOND option "Consulenza sulla mia auto d'epoca ENGLISH" and click the "Send" button:

You know come to this screen:

Fill in:

  • The model of you car

  • The approximate year of construction

  • The chassis number

In the text box, I usually put something like:

Dear Sirs,
I would be grateful if you could provide all the pertaining information on the above car.
Many thanks in advance & best regards,

You will now get a confirmation email and a while later, provided the information is available, you will get another email with the data of your car.